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Every style of design and every piece of interior décor is unique, and communicates its owner’s spirit. This is why at Decorama we design for all styles of furniture and for all types of interior items so that you can fully furnish the luxurious home that speaks to your heart. This is just one of the reasons Decorama is the top premium furniture, kitchens, and parquet flooring provider in Egypt.

Furniture Collection

If its wood, we've got you covered.
At decorama we are proud of our wide collection of furniture for every part of the home.

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Premium Kitchens

Decorama kitchens are a dedication to efficient design, quality natural material, durable fittings, premium finishes, and all round feel good atmosphere.

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Natural Wood Parquet Floors

Harness the beauty of natural wood beneath your feet with Decorama’s world renowned quality parquet floors.

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Design From Home

Talk to our design team
and start your home furnishing
process without leaving your home.

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The Four Seasons First Nile Boat

A lovely Nile dining experience and a prestigious project.
Decorama was commissioned with the hardwood flooring for the boat
and we cannot wait for you to see the beautiful result.

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