Decorama 2039

An elegantly clean and sleek dining room with multiple options for buffet/sideboard units as well as table designs. The cabinets are internally lit with warm LED lighting that displays the exquisite natural Wenge veneer inside and outside the glass cabinets. The touches of metallic copper finish & the one-slab marble table top take the dining room to perfection.

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Colors & Materials

Wenge & Metallic Copper

Dimensions & Planning

Buffet with 2 Cabinets: W280 X H162 X D47cm
Buffet with 4 Cabinets: W280 X H162 X D47cm
Hanging Sideboard: W280 X H30 X D47cm
Dining Table (2 design variations): W120 X H76 X L245cm
[Available in Marble Top or Wooden Top]8x Dining Chairs: Decorama 2039 & 2043