Decorama 3028

A royalty worthy masterpiece. The bedroom is brought to life by the magnificent hand carvings. that are so fine and detailed you would think the wood has real petals growing out of it. Finished in a beautiful antique finish and silver leaf to match the glory.

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Colors & Materials

Antique Silver Leaf

White & Gold Leaf

Antique Beige& Silver Leaf

Dimensions & Planning

King Size Bed: W180 X H130 X L210cm (Mattress 180X200)
Nightstand: W69 X H66 X D44cm
(Items interchangeable with Decorama 3026)
Banquette: W105 X H50 X D50cm
Dresser: W120 X H78 X D63cm
Dresser Mirror: W93 X H70cm
Dresser Chair: Decorama 2044