Decorama 3000

A timeless Decorama masterpiece. This best selling Decorama bedroom is characterized by its detailed hand carving. features. rich antique finish. and elegance. Components can be interchanged with Decorama 3026 & 3028.

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Colors & Materials

Silver Leaf & Patina

Antique Silver Leaf

Off White & Patina

Dimensions & Planning

Wardrobe: W340 X H260 X D68cm
Headboard: W200 X H154cm
[available in upholstered back or wooden back]King Size Bed: W192 X H75 X L225cm (Mattress 180X200)
[available in upholstered back or wooden back]Nightstand: W64 X H65 X D48cm
Dresser: W170 X H80 X D55cm
Dresser Mirror: W170 X H137cm
Dresser Chair: Decorama 2006-D3
Tall Drawer Chest: W60 X H151 X D55cm